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Storage of space

March, 26 2017

All Web sites need space in Which to Store Their files. If you are creating a single Web page, or a large, multi-page Web site, we have a package with the right amount of web space for your need. Our hosting packages providesprofessional Increasing Amounts of web space.
Here are some hints to help you DETERMINE how much web space you will need.

Webpages are very small and Require very little space.

Which Graphics are optimized for the web are typically larger than the HTML files, but are still Relatively small.
Photo from digital cameras can be quite large. If you are planning to create a photo album or great photographs, you'll want to choose an upgraded package with more space.
Audio and Music files (.mp3, for example) can be large as well. If you have These you will want to choose an upgraded package.
If you need to convert between Gigabyte (GB) Megabytes (MB), Kilobytes (KB), and Bytes here's a very basic comparison:

1000 bytes is approximately 1 kilobyte (actually it's 1024 but we're keeping it simple here)
1000 KB is approximately 1 MB
MB 1000 is approximately 1 GB

More specifically:

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