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How to choose a domain name?

December, 09 2017

1. Keep it short
When choosing a domain name for your website keep it short so its easy to remember for your visitors and customers. Do not use strange names that are pronounced differently. Issue hard letters (point 3).

2. The name is unique but logical
Then, combine the brand and what you offer so that visitors can immediately see what your website is all about. 
Eg.,,,, etc. Through these examples so you can see immediately what the website is about, it's a greater chance that the visitor is with you. 
Sit down in peace and quiet and write down dozens of names. Do not you decide today, talk with your closest friends and ask what they like about the names you chose?

3. Only letters (no numbers or hyphens)
Leave out the difficult letters as: x, y, z, . (dot) and - (hyphen). Also local letters such as: å, ä, ö, æ, ñ, ß, etc. Examples of using a hyphens in the domain name also make it difficult to type in and also to remember where it should be.

4. Determine whether it should be international or local
International: If your market is worldwide or parts of countries, it is recommended that you use: .com, .net, .org, bz, .me, .at. There are a lot of others you can choose.
Lokalt: But you should run it locally for example. within Sweden use: Denmark .dk, Finland .fi, Europa (in EU) .eu. But of course you can also use .com, .net, .nu.
Once you have found a domain name so check if these are available also as: .com, .XXX (country code: .dk/.fi/.no), .net, .nu, .eu, .org. It is cheap to just hold domain names. 

5. Check if it is available
Once you have selected a part name (point 2), you can do searches to check which ones are available. Then just register it in a few minutes. 

6. Cost of domain name
A domain name costs around € 12 per year, It depends on which one you choose, eg: .com, .nu, .eu, etc. Remember that in most hostels you must also have a complete package, and then increase the cost. For a package can be around € 2-300 per year + website. If you register an account at under the package WALK+ or EDGE then you pay only around ten euros per year. However you choose to pay for the package in less than six months to get the domain name for free as long as you are a customer at

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