It works great to build a website and we work intensively to fix remaining bugs. 
During this development period, we offer the WALK package for free! 

Create a Free Pro Website - eShop - Blog!

Create your stunning website quick and easy with  Drag-&-Drop tools.

No Credit Card Required!

You can connect your own Domain name later.

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Good news for our customers! We can proudly tell you that only uses 100% proprietary tools. This means to you as a customer that all tools are included free of charge no matter what package you choose. No additional costs are included for any options such as email, blog webshop etc.


When you first sign up for WALK, giving you 14 days completely FREE. The other packages are paid in advance for the time period you choose - with different monthly periods. You only pay as long as you want.


If you decide to end the service, you may either not care about our reminder mail or end your pages and feel free to leave a message about the reason so we can improve. Your entire website is deleted and can not be recreated.


No, not to have a website with us. You save thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive additional costs such as website costs. The only thing that can happen is if you want * your own domain name.

* If you do not move the domain to us & choose payment for at least 6 months.

Select type of Activity

Personal website

Creating your own personal website has never been easier! Discover a simple and affordable web solution, suitable for the whole family!

Business Pro Website

Starting or running a business? A professional website is a very effective marketing tool that will benefit your business! Choose your favorite layout among a wide selection of pre-designed templates for all fields of business. We provide eShop, newsletter, business Email, multi-language function, business cards, website statistics, SEO, custom domain and much more. More info

Sports Club

Your Sports Club deserves a smart and useful website! We offer a wide range of functions and features that will simplify your administration, communication and information flow. Some features might even open new opportunities for the club activities! Get access to: Online store, gallery, newsletters, news panel, calendar, schedules, tables and statistics, upcoming matches and results.

Association & Organization

Show that you exist and reach out worldwide through an informative and stunning website! Easy to inform and communicate, post events, add a donation function and also to do marketing. Special features include sharing only selected content and give access to individuals only through password protection. Let us simplify the work so that you can devote yourself to more important matters.

Start easily without expensive costs

Now you have the chance to start up your own business without costing it or risking your current job. By creating an account you will get tips and advice on how to go to dare.

Are you on track to run a eShop?

Sell products & services directly on your website. For those who want to start eShop, there is much to think about. You should of course have a good business idea and have written your business plan and made a budget. It goes without saying that those bits do not mention here, but instead we briefly summarize what you need to think about and do before you can start your eShop with us at

You get a eShop regardless of which package you choose, but it varies the number of products.

Some of our features ...

Simple Drag & Drop


Just Drag-&-Drop images, texts, elements and make them live with a couple of mouse clicks.

eShop Pro


Build your business, sell products and services with our easy but advanced eShop features.



The post section of our new admin panel includes a complete set of widgets and tools for creating new posts.

Fully Responsive


Build a responsive website that works across various screen sizes. Developed allows you to make each website adapted to any device type (a desktop, tablet or mobile).

Step-by-Step Video

Screenshot is simple, but we made it even easier! By following ours "step-by-step training" you can familiarize yourself with the tools and all of its features.

Support 24/7


Got questions? For any query, problem, or question, get in touch with our friendly support staff, who resolve all your problems instantly.



Custom eShop designed for the website. 

Easy to handle - with advanced features! Everything is included no matter what package you choose!

You have full control over your entire eShop!

Customer management (part of the tools):

Shopping cart - Customers can trade one or more items and pay all at the same time.
Payment - Payment by credit card, PayPal,  Swish/Bankinbetalning.
Receipt - Customers can print the invoice / receipt with confirmation to their email.
Guest & Customer Registration - Order can be made as a guest or recurring customer for the latest purchase, etc..
Product reviews - reviews / comments / questions about the product. All visitors have access to all the questions and reviews that buyers have submitted on goods.

Accessories (part of the tools):

Shipping & VAT - Shipping by Total Weight / Size / Quantity. Same or different VAT is applied to all goods.
Discount - Discount codes either for all products or only selected items, with validity.
Report - Customers, Orders, Sales, Products, and more can be generated as reports.
Online - How many visitors are online right now, recent visitors with IP address, etc.

Private individuals - Organizations -Sports Clubs- Entrepreneur/Business
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